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Web3 Partners

A space for collaboration, education, and connection for those interested to develop sustainable projects and communities

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Mission & Key Concepts

Web3 Partners creates frameworks for open, mutually beneficial collaboration

  • Project development

Project groups in a Web3 Partners community can introduce a part of their project that they want to promote or debug, and should be clear about what they want in return, such as feedback or contributions


All processes by Web3 Partners communities are collaborative, including event organization and project development. Collaborators can look to take ownership of roles that they enjoy and help them grow

  • Community

Web3 Partners presents support structures so that the cases of success or failure can be managed effectively. For this, roles and domains of focus are continuously and openly evaluated


Collaborators with different domains of knowledge provide education and guidance for each other in a Web3 Partners community. This leads to more productive project development and individual growth

Current communities

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