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Web3 Wallet Infrastructure

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Mission & Key Concepts

Dfns is a cybersecurity company providing wallet infrastructure for Web3.

Think of Dfns as a developer tool merging crypto wallets with SaaS, cloud and cryptography. At core, Dfns is an API-first key management service designed to provide application developers with plug-and-play access to digital assets on blockchains. We designed our product with developer experience in mind to maximize programmability and minimize high-touch implementations.

Our mission is to become one of the favorite building blocks in web3 and provide enablement technology for builders devoted to making the future of finance safe and delightful.

History & Achievements

Founded in 2020 in Paris, Dfns is a well-funded, SOC-certified company incubated by Techstars and Station F. Our company is fully remote with offices in Paris, New York, London, Dubaï, and many other cities.

Core Team

  • Clarisse Hagège, Founder & CEO
  • Christopher Grilhault des Fontaines, Co-founder & COO
  • Sergiy Synkovskyy, VP of Infrastructure
  • Plamen Hristov, Principal Engineer

Culture, Perks & Benefits

  • Dfns is a remote first company. Everyone is welcome to work from home, while traveling, or from our offices in Paris, New York, San Francisco, London or Dubaï.
  • Teams get to meet in-person and foster meaningful connections through retreats and events such as meetups, seminars and conferences from Miami to Tokyo.
  • Training and coursework in crypto, blockchain, security, code, languages and other topics are paid for on-demand to encourage personal and professional growth.
  • Corporate material including MacBook Air/Pro and/or iMac, iPhone, and other types of equipment like screens, headsets, AirPods, and cables are provided on Day 1.